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Branding begins with research, digging for the simple truths that add value. We define what your brand stands for and find the place you want to own in your customers’ mind, the personality it must convey, and the key messages that resonate with your audience.




You're Unique

As every company is unique, with it’s own personality, services and products. This should be reflected in your logo and be aimed directly at your customers perceptions.

Logo design - Branding
Logo design Banbridge

Reflection and Confidence

Our job is to create a logo that both you and your customer will have confidence and reflects your companies ethos and standards.

Print Design


Brochure Design

Make an impression

A great brochure design can convey more information in greater detail compared to a website or email. Nothing feels better and creates more impact  than a well thought out and accessible brochure.

Brochure design
Printed material Banbridge

Print Collatoral

Despite the success of digital, there is little to beat the feel of a well-designed piece of printed material. Creating a connection with your customer, our printed work can help you to convey quality, craftsmanship and detail.

Business Stationery

Usually your business stationery, whether it be a compliment slip or your business card,  is your companies first chance of creating the right
impression with your future and existing clients.
Business card printing
Signs and Display

Signage and Display

From exhibitions, office and store signage to vehicle livery, making a coherent, positive statement through coordinated branding and messaging will give your clients the confidence they seek from your company.

Packaging Design


Not off-the-shelf

Creating an eye-catching packaging design that can be reproduced and adapted for years is a real challenge and a facet of design that we at MediaFourteen revel in.

Packaging design Banbridge
Packaging design

It Matters

Knowing how to make your product stand out among all the others on the shelves can be hard, so now more than ever, packaging design matters.

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